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New E.G.L. Platinum certificates and terminology revealed

E.G.C., European Gemological Center Ltd., revealed its new E.G.L. Platinum certificates for diamond grading, colored diamonds color analysis and gem identification. The E.G.L. Platinum certificate distinguishes itself from the regular E.G.L. International reports by keeping the highest and strictest quality assurance test level for each diamond graded, far beyond the common standards.

The precise grading procedure, executed by senior E.G.L. Platinum gemologists only according to in-house etiquette, creates a non-biased precision of reports. This results in top-class professionalism, excellence and accuracy. In addition to the new E.G.L. Platinum certificates, the E.G.L. Platinum laboratory also updated its terminology for gem treatments. The new term list is based on the old E.G.C. terminology and reflects proper, easy-to-understand disclosures as suggested by the Laboratory Manual Harmonization Committee (LMHC).

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