The Examination Process

In order to provide reliable and consistent results, each gem, entering the lab for testing, follows a defined process with specific stations along that procedure. The E.G.L. Platinum team believes that exposing customers to this practice will enhance their confidence and their customers' confidence.

Firstly, the gem is received by the administration office team, during which the general information, such as color, weight and shape is recorded in the database. Then a serial number is attached to the gem case and any revealing information regarding the identity of the submitter is eliminated, to ensure unbiased testing.

The gem and the serial number are passed onto the E.G.L. Platinum gemological laboratory, where a gemologist identifies and grades the gem, using professional testing and measuring equipment and magnified observation. Once the gemologist completes his examination, the gem is passed onto a senior gemologist, who rechecks it and confirms the first gemologist’s findings. If the senior gemologist disagrees with one or more of the findings, a third gemologist, is called upon to give judgment.

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Subsequent to the gemologists’ agreement of the results, the gem and its work sheet are sent back to the administration, where the results are merged into the database according to the serial number of the gem. The administrational team updates the submitter regarding the gem results allowing him/her to give consent to print certificate or request a recheck.

If the submitter asks for a recheck of a certain grade, the gem is sent back to the lab, again anonymously, for examination. The recheck is automatically scheduled for the following day morning, allowing new clear testing conditions. In addition, the recheck is carried out by a senior gemologist, who was not involved in the grading process of that specific gem and is without prejudice.

The routine process above is shared with the customers in order to reflect upon the transparency of the laboratory’s work and to guarantee its credibility.
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