Advanced Instruments

Besides the traditional gemological instruments, as part of its goal to provide highly reliable results, the E.G.L. Platinum laboratory is equipped with state-of-art scientific instruments, placing it parallel to the leading gemological laboratories worldwide. The suite of advanced instruments, used by the laboratory, is aimed to assist in confirmation of mineralogical identification, origin, treatments, and other properties.

The advanced instruments used by the E.G.L. Platinum laboratory are:

Raman Spectrometer
A Raman is used to observe vibrational, rotational and other low-frequency modes in a substance. The E.G.L. Platinum's Raman device, tailored specifically for gem solids, enabling the identification of minerals and existence of treatments (such as coating, dyeing and fracture filling).

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Photoluminescence Spectrometer
Photoluminescence (abbreviated as PL) spectrometer measures the phenomenon of light emission from substances, after their absorption of photons (electromagnetic radiation). The E.G.L. Platinum's long-range PL device, tailored specifically for diamonds and colored stones, enabling the identification of minerals, existence of treatments (such as heating, HPHT, irradiation, dyeing and fracture filling), geographical locality and synthetic origin.

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UV-Vis Spectrophotometer
Ultraviolet-visible spectrometer (abbreviated as UV-Vis) measures the absorption or reflectance of light from a substance in the ultraviolet to visible spectral region. The E.G.L. Platinum's UV-Vis device enables the identification of a diamond type, synthetic origin, geographical locality, and the existence of treatments (such as irradiation, coating, dyeing and fracture filling).
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An FTIR-based spectrometer, developed specifically for diamonds, enabling sorting of treated and synthetic diamonds. The E.G.L. Platinum's DiamondSure device is used for the identification of possible HPHT treatments and synthetic origins in diamonds. Stones identified by the device as "needed further testing" are referred to other advanced instruments.

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